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MPPS K+CAN Flasher Original by AMT Cartech 1500GBP

MPPS K+CAN Flasher Original by AMT Cartech 1500GBP Click to enlarge
2 - 3 Days
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 RESETTOOLS.COM is Original Equipment Preferred.
 We have an argreement with the Original MPPS Manufacturer AMT Cartech to sell only their Original Tool.  This MPPS on our website ships with the lastest version from the original developer in Europe .  Please do NOT ask us to provide the copied MPPS from China.  We do not supply that to anyone under any circumstances.


THIS ITEM IS GBP1500 for MPPS Standalone Master

The MPPS has become one of the best loved tools in the tuning industry, offering features that other tools have just never been able to imploment. Recover EDC15 ECUs with a blank chip on the board salvage ME7 ECUs that have been killed by other tools.

MPPS STAND ALONE MASTER: Read / Write ECU Unencrypted. 
The Stand-alone Master MPPS tool is the same as a Full Master and reads files unencrypted. 
It can't have Slave MPPS units assigned to it but in every other way it is the same as the Full Master. This is a great tool if you have no need to add slave units to it. 
This is still the most popular version of the MPPS tools and continues to be the work horse for many tuners around the world.

MPPS FULL MASTER: Read / Write ECU Unenctypted + Decrypt and Tune/Modify/ETC paired Slave Files 
The Full Master MPPS tool is offers the flexibility of an un-encrypted tools with the ability to encrypt and decrypt files for the assigned slave tools. 
Each master is unique and only the slaves assigned to a particular master tool will work with the file produced by that master. 
The same is true with the slaves in that a file from one slave won't work with any other slave or master.
*** If you don't need to have slave units the Standalone Master might be the preferable option. ***
We recommend using STAND ALONE MASTER and a VIRTUAL MASTER for your SLAVE TOOLS.

MPPS SLAVE: READ / Write ECU Enrypted.  Files to be sent to master unit for Tuning.   
The SLAVE MPPS Tool is intended for Tuning companies with many shops.  It can read and write all supported ECUS.  The files are saved encryped.  The files can be decryped by its assigned Master Tool or Virtual Master.  Tuned files can be re-encypted for the slave by the assigned Master Tool or Virtual Master Tool..  Customers or dealers of you company should be using a Slave Tool.

MPPS VIRTUAL MASTER: Encrypt / Decrypt Original or Tuned Files for Slave Tools.    
The Virtual MPPS Master tool is a software based master that can only encrypt and decrypt files from its assigned slaves. this virtual master can not be used in anyway for reading or programming a vehicles. 
Where a large number of slave units are required the Virtual Master is a very useful alternative to a hardware master giving the flexibility to manage and decrypt and encrypts without the inconvenience of taking a flashing tool out of service.

Feature Standalone Master Master Slave Virtual Master
-> Read from vehicle
-> Write to vehicle
-> Reads open or encrypted files open open encrypted N/A
-> Can have slave units
-> Online updates Not Required


Genuine Original Advantages

  • Get Updates Free (Copied versions don't UPDATE)
  • Tools works with ALL Version of software. (Copied get damaged by Updates)
  • Able to read / write the latest supported ECU
  • Timing is 100% proper.  ECU Crash change much lower (ECU's are expensive)
  • Recovery help and support from MPPS should anything go wrong.
  • Uses ORIGINAL Multi Protocol Programming System Software
  • Marelli 5SF8/9 Write only to MPPS
  • Receive the latest UPDATE by EMAIL!!!

Download Latest Version of MPPS

The development of the MPPS software is continuous.  This means that there are new updates. As a registered owner of an MPPS you should receive the latest update setup install links via email.  Software automatically updates to the latest version.  Should you not be receiving these please contact AMT Cartech by support and we will make sure your details are correct so that you do receive the next up date. If you for some reason you have lost your latest update and need another copy you can down load the latest version by clicking the button below.

Multi Protocol Programming System Setup


  • English
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • German
  • French

Additional Features

  • Many checksums are built in
  • Bench flash ME7
  • No internet connection needed
  • No Annual costs
  • Free software updates
  • No credit needed




  • Install MPPS Software
  • Check Cable is working and outside serial matched software serial
  • Submit on AMTCartech Support (Received and tested cable Ok with serial)
  • They will thank your for verifiying receipt of their cable


Supported ECU List Sw.Ver.= Current / Latest


Features added in Recent Updates


Changes in Version 15

  • VAG EDC17 Checksums (Non Protected Versions)


Changes in Version 12
Latested version of MPPS software is now avilable for download from this site. Changes include: Fix for ME7 Fix for EDC15 Fix for BOOT MODE General stability improved.

Changes include:

  • Fix for ME7
  • Fix for EDC15
  • Fix for BOOT MODE
  • General stability improved


Free update period is coming to an end as of the 1st of February 2012. You will be able to have your unit updated after this date but there will be a charge.

The Update to MPPS for version 12 or later involves a compulsory recall for all units. You may install and update your MPPS to the version 12 software and use it before you return your unit. Please read the instruction carefully on how to upgrade avoiding potential problems. If you do not wish to update you will have to remain on version 10 or earlier which will remain available for download but will no longer be supported.

The update to the MPPS is currently free except for cost of carriage.


Changes in VERSION 8:

  • Both Windows 32 and 64 now supported
  • Online updates
  • Faster speeds
  • New look


MPPS Versions 5.xx


This is a critical update for the MPPS. All units must be updated to allow continued use of the MPPS. All units must be running this or later versions of the software to receive support.
Additions in this version: This version has Siemens PPD & Continental check sum included

MPPS new software version

  • Added Marelli 5SF8/9 Write only to MPPS
  • Corrected a few other errors too Sw version

MPPS new software version

  • Only allow a single instance of the software to run.
  • It also fixes a problem caused by eariler versions in the registry.
  • Other Fixes: Corrected some errors with BMW edc16.
  • Corrected some errors with V10 VW.
  • In the event of an windows exception it will not now show the problem but only create a Exception log file.

MPPS new software version

  • Mminor changes in the software
  • Generic Boot Mode Driver that now lets you decide if the chip is a 1Mb or a 512k. This is of great help when the software in the ECU has a problem and the MPPS can't work out the size of the chip.
  • Now you can tell it and solve the problem allowing recovery of even more damaged ECUs

New MPPS Software Version

  • Some small bug fixes for EDC16
  • Software will allow the unpluging of the MPPS and reconnection of the hardware without the need to restart the software.

New MPPS Software Version

  • New features for the flashing of BMW EDC16 cars.
  • As well as the addition of new benchaflashing technologies.
  • It is now possible to bench flash any ME7 ecu from all makes and models.
    Through exstened development MPPS Can now offer features that no other flash tool can.VAG ME7.5 is a comon ECU to be bench flashed but there are many other ECUs on the market that have been used in a whole host of other makes and models.
  • MPPS can now automaticly detect and bench flash almost any ME7 ECU